Barbara L. Nelson Creative Writer

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William F. Nelson Technical Consultant

Hello: I am Barbara L. Nelson and my brother is William F. Nelson. We are talented, creative and tech savvy professionals, who have combined our decades of marketing and public relations; writing and editing; product management and software design skills to provide professional content for websites, blogs, Social Media and other business collateral. Our mission is to help businesses successfully and effectively compete in their own backyard as well as the global arena.

I am the writer of the firm, while Bill consults on the technical services of the business. See our bios for additional information.

Throughout my career, I have worked for large and small firms across the country and understand how difficult it can be for a start-up or expanding business to hire and retain in-house creative and technical writers on a full-time basis.

Whether you have a local storefront business or a full-fledged e-commerce site, I can help to make your business thrive by providing a full range of creative and technical content for all of your business needs. Please contact me for more information.